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How to lose abdominal fat

“The relationship between food and intra-abdominal fat is direct, ie, fat accumulates on account of excess calorie intake in relation to the total daily expenditure.”

Hence we can understand that to lose the intra-abdominal fat, we need to lose weight. The only way to achieve this in a healthy way is by combining a balanced diet and exercise. A balanced diet contains carbohydrates (sugars), fats and proteins.

The secret is the combination of these components of a balanced diet. We feed ourselves on a regular basis during the day, avoiding meals arrive hungry, and allowing the body to make the digestion of food gradually.

Give preference to whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and add lots of protein, which can be chicken, fish or meat with little fat. The use of the human diet as a substitute for a meal can be used as a tool in reducing the total calories a day. Never use this feed as a replacement for all meals.

The tea helps to lose weight. Alcoholic beverages are not!

Taking tea helps in daily hydration and the general functioning of the human body. In turn, alcoholic beverages are good sources of carbohydrates and bring a lot of calories to the diet of the day. The low-calorie soft drinks are an option, although we must be careful with the amount of sodium you eat daily.

Because of hormonal differences at certain times of life, women may be more prone to gain weight.

Exercise is inevitable

To lose the belly, the important thing is to lose weight. For this reason, aerobic exercises are more efficient. Hiking, cycling, swimming or aerobics in the gym.

Do help to reduce abdominal fat in the belly. We are talking about the fat that lies just beneath the skin. The intra-abdominal fat has no direct relationship with the abdominals. What this means is that you can do 200 crunches a day that this is not going to let the abs in sight. This should burn the fat that slap.