10 tips for starting a weight loss program !

Starting a new weight loss program can be daunting , even if you’ve already done before.flat stomach

If you’re thinking of starting a new program to lose weight , you will find in this article the top 10 tips for doing so and this will give you the best possible chance for long term success and lose the weight that you compremeteu .

Tip 1 – Cut all Coolant and sports drinks , substitute a lot of water

Coolant , sports drinks and the like are the largest source of excessive sugar in our diet . If you are seriously trying to lose weight and be healthy , you must resolve this probleman immediately. It will be a hard habit to break because it may be addicted to sugar and energy gain , but end up with this habit and you will feel much better !

Should ideally replace all these drinks for water or herbal teas , but you probably have to do it gradually. Start by replacing sugar with a drink a day for a healthier alternative and continue to do so even drink very few or no sugary beverages .

Our body needs water to absorb nutrients from food, transport them throughout the body and get rid of toxins in the body . In a mild climate the average person percisa to drink about half liters of water per day . In warmer climates need more daily to prevent dehydration

Tip 2 – Control your portion sizes

One of the best ways to lose weight and simply reduce the amount we eat .

Start now ! Half the food on your plate , do not need all this food! Eat slowly . Put down the fork down after every bite. Enjoy every bite is a way to ensure that you eat more slowly .

It takes between 10-20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain that you are full . If you eat too much without giving the stomach time to process the information and send to the brain , eventually with that terrible feeling of ” oh ate too much .” You do not and a vacuum , do not suck the food – chew !

Tip 3 – Have a good breakfast

When you are on a healthy diet because if you begin your day as it should be , the greater are the chances of that in the rest of the day it happens . To try to have a breakfast that includes protein , calcium and vitamins. Cooked , or clear eggs with toast with baked beans and grilled tomatoes are a perfect choice . If you do not have the time to do that, a whole grain cereal with skim milk and yogurt will maté it full until lunch time .

Make your own orange juice and change something every day – variety is the spice of life and the best way to ensure that your body is receiving all the necessary nutrients .

Finally , try preparing muesli , that stand in the refrigerator for a few days and can be eaten quickly .

Tip 4 – Eat a greater variety of possible food

Increase your palate ! Try cuisines and dishes from other countries , explore outside their comfort zone . Many cultures have a fresher and healthier than the Western diet. Vairedade the largest food poser that we in our body more nutrients are absorbed . Most European and Middle Eastern cultures have great salads and vegetable dishes with meat VARIETY wonderfully knowing , we can all learn different ways of additional spices and flavors the food studying the different diets of other cultures .

Asian food is a great alternative for fast, fresh pasta and stir fry ‘s . The more interesting you can make the taste of the food , the more likely you will eat more often . Healthy food does not have to know the card .

Tip 5 – Start cooking

Go to the kitchen and cook ! Do not be dependent on food delivery or frozen meals . All of us need to incorporate more fresh foods into our lifestyle. One of the ways to do this and start cooking . Start with what you like to eat . If you like Chinese food, stir fry takes little time to prepare and cook , and has plenty of nutrients . Do not be afraid ! We all make mistakes in the kitchen – some more positive results , others do not , but how will you learn if you do not try?

Many take away meals are unhealthy . You can make the same meal at home with the same taste , or even better, and know exactly what to put in the recipe.

Tip 6 – Be more active in day- to-day

Stiring body burns fat. The amount you burn depends only on the amount and regularity of its activity . Make a plan to do some form of exercise / activity every day, even if only 30 minutes. Do something you enjoy , or can at least tolerate , so is more likely to do so more often. If you can not do much , walk , walk and walk more . At the end of the day , small amounts of physical activity are better than nothing .

Tip 7 – Snacks

A common problem for people who want to lose weight is to eat unhealthy snacks – we all do . Not have crisps or chocolate at home and beginning to resist the temptation . Do not put them in the shopping cart . EVEN if you want desperately to eat chocolate, you will walk up to the store and burn calories the same .

The key is to remove the immediate temptation and habit of always have to hand. If you are addicted to chocolate flavor , so Milo or hot chocolate is a good alternative .

Tip 8 – Knife mini goals

We all need to feel that we are achieving something every week. Write a mini weekly target . The mini purpose may be to eliminate one food or introduce a new food. After some time the habits formed in mini form and achieve these objectives will become the rule.

Tip 9 – Seek support

It is important to receive help, support and positive comments , but do not feel good about ourselves.

Sometimes people optao for not telling family and friends who are ‘diet’ for fear of failing . But it is important that we do it because that way we can have the support of friends and family along this journey and talk about our goals . An optimal way to get the support you need and find people with the same mindset and goals . A place to meet people and so in our weight loss forum , which is free to enter and register . Register on our forum and optimal way to Preguntar whatever it is without being judged . Everybody tries different ways to be healthier and so much you can learn important tips for people who are in the same situation .

Tip 10 – Understand your energy consumption and fat

When we eat more energy than our body needs , the excess and stored in fat cells . Only 1kg of body fat contains the equivalent of 37000 Kj . To lose 1kg of body fat in a week , we have to consume less 37000 kilojoules ( 8850 calories ) or burn 37000kj per week , approximately 50,000 kilojoules (1200 calories ) per day .

The best way to lose excess weight and switch to a diet high in fiber , low fat , and foods rich in nutrients , most importantly , regular physical exercise . Exercise not only uses energy reserves , but helps stimulate muscle development .

Remember, the more muscle you have , the more kilojoules your body will burn . If you have more than 40 years , has a disease , or have not exercised for some time , see your doctor before starting a new exercise program .

The association of Australian nutritionists recommend the following table of energy and daily nutrients for the average person to maintain a healthy weight :

Energy – 87000Kj ( 2080 calories )

Protein – 50g

Fat – 70g

Saturated fat – 24g

Sodium – 2300mg

Carbohydrates – 310g

Sugars – 90g

Fiber – 30g
Remember, these values ​​are to maintain a healthy weight. To lose weight , consume up to 10 % less appropriate.


Starting a weight loss plan can be daunting , even if you have previously done .

If this thinking start a new weight loss plan , we hope you find these 10 tips that are in this article ! Are free and give you the best possible chance to succeed in the long term and achieve your goal !

Good luck!

Program for the construction of sports facilities

For all the magnitude of such programs (for example, only federal program involves the construction of nearly 4,000 sports facilities ) are being developed model projects of sports , the main criterion for which is the minimum cost of construction. 


Without a clear business plan can not be planned any time to breakeven or profitability further complex. Using standard solutions has another ” negative ” : the concept of services , the possibility of transforming the halls for various events , area vip, additional types of business within the sports complex , all these aspects need to work out separately for each of the sports complex , and they are the most important consumers of sports services. In addition, the staffing of such facilities is focused on government funding , and not to receive income through the provision of paid services.

Currently, issues of withdrawal to self-sufficiency are the most relevant for the following sports facilities :

• Private built for profit or as a ” mandatory load ” for commercial real estate ;
• Municipal forced to seek sources of income to cover the costs in case of shortage or unstable income budget financing , as well as for the repair and reconstruction of the building , for the purchase of sports equipment ;
• Sports facilities on the balance sheet of companies (especially the core enterprises ) .

Among the successful from a business standpoint structures found mainly private companies : their owners and managers are clear business concept and treat sports business as its main direction . But apart from these, there are huge and quite problematic segment in which social sites are large companies or core enterprises .

The main causes of inefficient operation of social facilities in large enterprises usually are the following.  Outdated plan that do not meet modern requirements, low level of comfort for visitors , as well as related to sports facilities is not as potentially profitable business unit , as well as a ” load ” on the core business .

Quite often there is a situation where the social objects are subsidized and are regarded as unprofitable . Often gets the sports facilities “inherited” from the old owners of the company , which makes them difficult to operate . The vicious circle is that the less efficiently operated sports facility , the high cost it requires content . On the other hand , without a significant investment in equipment and reconstruction impossible to organize the work of the sports complex .

Past experience leads to inefficient operation of the fact that investors do not believe in the potential profitability of the sports complex , and only thoughtful detailed business plan with the calculated payback indicators facilities will clearly plan income and expenses , and talk about the sports complex as a commercially successful project .

Currently, there are training programs for the training of managers of sports facilities in the sports complex which is considered as the basis for establishing a business . In particular, the commercial exploitation of sports facilities program aims State University of Management “management in team sports .”